Individual sessions

Whether you're interested in consultation, supervision, psychotherapy, or energy work, I bring my authentic self into the space in support of you. 

My approach to healing is rooted in transpersonal psychology, which essentially means melding the world’s spiritual traditions with modern psychology to explore the human experience. I create an environment that is honest, open, curious, and nurturing. I hold space for others with unconditional acceptance, compassion, and the belief that we are all intrinsically moving toward health and wholeness. My strengths-based philosophy focuses on psychological wellness and basic sanity rather than on pathology.

Because each person's path is unique, I have collected a variety of gifts to offer, including expressive arts, guided visualization, dream work, mindfulness practices, somatic awareness, energy work, the Hakomi method, and Shamanic journeying. Learn more about what to expect in a session by checking out the categories below.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, I am not accepting new psychotherapy clients; however, I am available for consultations and energy work sessions on a case-by-case basis. Please subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated on my offerings, and contact me if you are interested in consultation or energy work.



I offer consultation sessions for those interested in becoming art therapists and supervision for art therapy graduate students and interns.


I approach therapy as a collaboration with each client, weaving together the approaches that support each individual's healing journey.  

REiki & energy work

Reiki is a gentle and powerful hands-on healing technique where the practitioner guides universal energy to restore balance in the body, mind, and spirit.