Offerings for Individuals

My approach to healing is rooted in transpersonal psychology, which essentially means melding the world’s spiritual traditions with modern psychology to explore the human experience. I bring my full authenticity into the relationship and create an environment that is honest, open, curious, and nurturing. I hold space for others with unconditional acceptance, compassion, and the belief that we are all intrinsically moving toward health and wholeness. 

See my offerings below to discover how we might work together:

Soul Guidance | Mentorship

If you are a healing practitioner or a creative soul seeking support in clarifying your calling, claiming your unique gifts, finding sustainable self-care, and walking your most authentic path, I can journey alongside you. Find out how.

Reiki & Energy work 

I currently offer individual energy work sessions in Boulder, Colorado, as well as distance healing work. Reiki is one type of energy work, which is a gentle and powerful hands-on healing technique used to guide universal energy to restore balance in the body, mind, and spirit. Find out more.