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In my Etsy shop, Art & SoulSpace, I offer my art in various forms. Click a product below to open its listing in a new window.


This 60-card oracle deck is adorned with prints of luscious, intuitive, watercolor paintings embellished with white and black ink, each offering a soulful word for contemplation. Grab yours now in my Etsy shop!

In combining art, intuition, and magic, I’m offering custom soul essence portraits. Each individualized, original piece of art is channeled through and created by me, with ink on 5”x7” yupo paper, ready for framing or as a medicine card for your altar. Reserve yours by clicking here.


In combining art, intuition, and magic, I create custom ink paintings at nearly any scale. If you would like a gorgeous, original piece of abstract art for your home or office, let's collaborate on an idea! After an in-depth interview with you about what you're envisioning, I visually, artfully channel your transmission into a finished piece for you to enjoy for generations. Learn more.