Jen defies conventional labels. She is part artist, part healer, part witch and part social-media-maven, so it makes sense that her offerings are as unique as she is. Jen knows how to wade in the messy depths of human experience and come to the surface with well-laid plans, all the while infusing the journey with realness, play, and tremendous beauty.
— Lara
Being in Jen’s presence is like watching a gem radiate its light from the dark warm inner cave of raw and real humanness. I’m continually mesmerized by her capacity to embrace her vulnerability as her gifts. All laced with self compassion for our innocent, human and messy ways of being. I experience Jen as an artistic weaver of connecting people to embodied play, expansive creative expressions, and deep and intimate safe spaces of being. She’s a magical and poetic artist of love.
— Anne-Marie
Jen has danced the slow, intimate dance with the darkness and the mystery. Her familiarity with the contours of those places makes her the perfect ally in navigating the raw territory that awaits each one of us. She masterfully balances her deep dives with humor, play, color, and sensuality. If you have the chance to work with Jen, DO IT. You will be changed for the better.
— Katie
Jen’s magnetism is so big and bright and her depth so raw and true. In her presence (physically and virtually) you will feel so incredibly visible, held, and encouraged. Her heart is endless in its capacity to invite, include, expand, and connect. She walks the edge of radical truth with grace, humanness, humor, and beauty. Jen’s radiance, compassion, fierceness, and magic may rub off on you, so be ready.
— Emily
Boundless. Full. Open. These words come to mind when I consider Jen. I trust her completely to keenly guide a natural and inspired unfolding of your most true Self.
— Rachel
I love Jen’s extraordinary capacity to be present with whatever’s happening. Her delightful sense of humor, creativity, openness and honesty while holding robust boundaries creates a visceral sense of safety that allows others to be themselves. Jen’s presence releases a powerful, loving force for healing. We are blessed to have her among us!
— Gretchen S.
Jen is a sparkling seer of spirit, soul, magic, and creativity. Her capability to spin colorful and powerful beauty in creative form is one of her finest of many gifts that she offers this world. She is imbued with multilayered offerings and treasures.
— Merryl
Colorful, warm and highly skillful, Jen’s presence inspires and delights the soul to create.
— Karina María
Jen is a leader of big transformation and creativity! Her abundant gifts radiate and inspire. She continuously shares them effortlessly, with a spectacular ability to make you feel loved and connected.
— Tami
Jen is all heart and soul. She meets you and embraces you with her heart wide open and raw. Jen has begun to walk straight forward into the truest parts of her without excuse or “tidying it all up.” In doing so, she shows her vulnerabilities and welcomes others to do the same, which creates a more authentic interaction with self and the world, and that welcomes everyone to bare their own unpolished self. Jen invites others to stand tall in their imperfections and bareness and to celebrate the unknown and often messy way we all show up, day after day. Jen welcomes this, encourages this, and embraces this with each soul she encounters.
— Gretchen P.
Jen has truly found a path through the complicated tangle of life that can make it so hard to see (and be!) our true selves. I’m so grateful to have learned from her trailblazing, and I’m burning with curiosity to see where the path will lead next.
— Peg