Revelation: A deep dive into radical truth-telling

Revelation is defined as “an act of revealing or communicating divine truth.”

Let’s be real.

None of us has all our shit together, so why do we feel like we should fake it til we make it? I’m a recovering approval-seeking, perfectionist good girl. I’ve been crawling out of that socially-conditioned cage gradually over the course of my entire adult life. Then, a couple years ago, I began a midlife emergence (that’s my own little euphemism for midlife crisis, but no less of a mind fuck,) and that accelerated the process. I felt an urgent, wild fire inside demanding that I stand in my whole truth. I blew up my life in a million little (and big) ways, and have since been learning to sustain a slow burn rather than destructive explosions. My process has been messy and flawed, but even in the raw truth of my own imperfect human catastrophe, I am entering this second act of life much more empowered, connected, and whole.

In the world we're living in, telling our deepest truths feels like a radical act. This emergent paradigm suggests that the way we show up can no longer be dictated by top-down, linear 'shoulds’ and patriarchal rules -- rather the movement is guided by pushing the edge of the wild, feminine mystery... the idea that formlessness is okay, experimentation is encouraged, shapeshifting is natural, and sharing our unpolished humanness not only makes us more accessible, but it's also magnetizing and sexy. These are the conversations I’m thrilled to create a forum to have with YOU. Here.

It really is time to stop hiding those messy parts of ourselves for which we feel most ashamed, for which we feel we’d be most judged, because that’s a bind none of us was made to live in. However, we often feel a deep longing to feel seen in our truths while simultaneously creating a barrier behind which to hide them. When we share our vulnerability, it fosters connection and it disarms others so they may feel permission to share their own truths. We certainly don’t have to have it all figured out - who we already are and what we’re already up to is worth making unapologetically visible. On the other side, there is ease and freedom in being the most fully expressed version of your Self. 

So, what is Revelation?

Well, Revelation IS NOT a typical e-course; I’m not going to blather on with didactic lessons. It certainly is NOT a psychotherapy or art therapy group.

Revelation IS a deep dive into radical truth-telling — to yourself, your loved ones, and/or other participants. It’s a guided, personal exploration and a discussion on the newly rising collective consciousness that enthusiastically welcomes the shapeshifting, the non-linear, the mystery, the messy, the deep, the raw, the creative, the authentic, the wild, the soulful, the pleasurable, the esoteric, the vulnerable, the subversive, the unseen.

I prepared specific topics to explore with you.

I dreamed up beautiful invitations for you to engage with the material via journaling, art, movement, and ritual.

Beyond that, I can't know what's going to happen, but I do know it'll be juicy, edgy, inspiring, and growth-producing.

Themes we’ll explore:

  • Unmasking: Exploring the masks we wear, dropping the bullshit, embracing authenticity

  • Visibility: The tension between wanting to be seen and wanting to hide

  • Vulnerability: How your most tender spots can reveal your superpower

  • Mystery: Leaning into the emergent edge of the unknown to welcoming the imperfect truth

  • Hexing the patriarchy: Being visible in your truth changes the collective conversation

  • Leveling up: Your future self as your truth-telling muse

Revelation is for YOU if you long to feel more…

…worthy and valuable in the truth of who you already are.

…fully expressed, visible, and validated in your work and relationships.

…connection, intimacy, and community.

…congruent in all contexts, rather than wearing different hats in different arenas.

…approachable, accessible, and even alluring.

…aligned with your gifts, medicine, and superpowers.

…free and unburdened from shame.




Revelation unfurls over 6 weeks, with new material revealed to you every Wednesday morning, beginning May 1st. We’ll use an incredibly easy, private, user-friendly web site platform called Ruzuku. You’ll receive an email reminder to enter the forum each Wednesday (through June 5th) to receive that week’s content - no peeking ahead, no overwhelm. Simple.

These weekly bundles of goodness will include audio or video from me (personal stories, teachings, meditations, visualizations,) creative prompts and invitations, and yummy curated resources — all for you to explore at your own pace. You will have the opportunity to share your experience of these themes and engage in rich discussion with other participants via written conversations within the workshop platform, through an opportunity to share in pairs with another participant, and on the three live calls I’ll conduct.

Spring 2019 Dates:

New content will be revealed every Wednesday morning (US Mountain Time) on the following dates:

  • May 1

  • May 8

  • May 15

  • May 22

  • May 29

  • June 5

I will offer three (3) live calls* during the course of this workshop for Q&A, coaching, and discussion. They will occur on the dates below in US Mountain Time. (If you are in a different time zone and need help converting the time, click here.) 

  • Monday, May 6 - 10-11:30am MT

  • Monday, May 20 - 10-11:30am MT

  • Monday, June 3 - 10-11:30am MT

*If you are unable to attend the live calls, not to worry. Everyone will receive a recording after.


Registration no longer open.

If you’re unsure if this is a good fit for you, drop me a note with your thoughts, and we can figure it out together.

Meet Jen

Just like you, I am a multifaceted being. Sometimes I long for all parts of me to be seen and acknowledged, and sometimes I want to hide… so tidal, lunar, mutable, human. I am a creatrix, a gatherer, a lover, a nurturer, a leader, a witch, a revolutionary, an alchemist, a fire-bearer. I’m a licensed counselor, an art psychotherapist, a reiki master, a ceremonialist, an artist, a writer, a dancer, a feminist, a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend. You can click here to read my story. I’m deeply honored and glowing with excitement to be your guide and co-explorer in this terrain of truth.

character witnesses

Jen defies conventional labels. She knows how to wade in the messy depths of human experience and come to the surface with well-laid plans, all the while infusing the journey with realness, play, and tremendous beauty.
— Lara
Being in Jen’s presence is like watching a gem radiate its light from the dark warm inner cave of raw and real humanness. I’m continually mesmerized by her capacity to embrace her vulnerability as her gifts. All laced with self compassion for our innocent, human and messy ways of being. I experience Jen as an artistic weaver of connecting people to embodied play, expansive creative expressions, and deep and intimate safe spaces of being. She’s a magical and poetic artist of love.
— Anne-Marie
Jen has danced the slow, intimate dance with the darkness and the mystery. Her familiarity with the contours of those places makes her the perfect ally in navigating the raw territory that awaits each one of us. She masterfully balances her deep dives with humor, play, color, and sensuality. If you have the chance to work with Jen, DO IT. You will be changed for the better.
— Katie
Jen’s magnetism is so big and bright and her depth so raw and true. In her presence (physically and virtually) you will feel so incredibly visible, held, and encouraged. Her heart is endless in its capacity to invite, include, expand, and connect. She walks the edge of radical truth with grace, humanness, humor, and beauty. Jen’s radiance, compassion, fierceness, and magic may rub off on you, so be ready.
— Emily
Jen has truly found a path through the complicated tangle of life that can make it so hard to see (and be!) our true selves. I’m so grateful to have learned from her trailblazing, and I’m burning with curiosity to see where the path will lead next.
— Peg

(You can read more testimonials by clicking here, if you’d like.)

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nitty gritty deets

How much time should I expect to devote?

Revelation takes place over 6 weeks, with one curated bundle of content delivered to you per week. Within each week, there will be an audio-visual component that will run anywhere from 8-20 minutes. You can engage with the other content at your own pace. Within these 6 weeks, you can probably expect to spend roughly 60-90 minutes per week participating in the invitations (give or take – it’s truly up to you.) Additionally, there are three scheduled live calls peppered throughout the course, to allow for Q&A, sharing, coaching, and reflection from other participants. If you aren’t able to attend during the live times, you will receive a link to the recorded call afterwards. Let me emphasize: this is fun, creative, personal learning and doing. You can dip in and out as necessary, and pick up easily when you’re ready.

Do I need special materials?

You already have everything you need. (Seriously though, that’s one of my mantras.) There may be times when you are invited to gather special objects. You might choose to have a dedicated notebook or art journal with heavy, unlined paper for this course, but truly any paper you have will do. Any writing/art materials you have on hand will do the trick, from your standard ball-point pen to a box of crayons to a tray of watercolor paints. It’s all about EASE and sustainability; come as you are and use materials you already love.

What if I miss a week?

That’s okay - life happens. Every Wednesday for 6 weeks, the teachings and prompts are revealed to you at once. If you’re away that week, whenever you’re ready, you can go back to view and participate in the activities and discussions from previous weeks.

How tech savvy do I need to be to do this online workshop?

If you can browse a web site, read an email, listen to audio, and watch video online, you’re all good! I’ve been both a teacher and a student using the Ruzuku platform before, and I can say from experience that it’s super-simple, streamlined, and they provide amazing tech support should you experience any hiccups at all.

I’m hesitant to share about myself online. What about my privacy?

The topic of this course being what it is, this is a practice in making our raw selves more visible - you gauge your comfort level and boundaries in what gets shared and to whom. I know you care about your online privacy because I do, too. I chose Ruzuku as the online platform for Revelation because it is closed (i.e.; not searchable via the wider Internet.) You can read Ruzuku’s privacy policy here. In this program, you’ll log in to the private Ruzuku forum, viewable only to others in the course. There, you can share and comment with your tribe of other Revelation participants. If social media is part of your world, there will also be invitations to share some of the homeplay prompts using a unique hashtag on Instagram or Facebook, as we practice different levels of making ourselves visible. You get to decide.

How will I pay for Revelation?

When you click on one of those lovely, magenta buttons on this page, you will be taken into the web site for Ruzuku, the program platform. There, you will be prompted to enroll and pay. Payments for this course will be made via PayPal. Paypal accepts any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover,) as well as PayPal Credit and direct transfers from your bank account, if your PayPal is set up that way.

What is the refund policy?

I offer a 75% refund up to one week before the start date. After April 23rd, no refunds will be given. Prior to the start date, if you decide you cannot participate but have a friend who would like to join up in your place, contact me, and I can help you transfer your enrollment.

Is Revelation available to participants in any country?

Absolutely! However, do note that the cost is in US dollars, the teachings will be in American English, and content will be unveiled every Wednesday morning, Mountain Time, as I am based in Boulder, Colorado. Regardless, the Revelation circle is a wide and global one. Join us!