Art psychotherapy

My private practice is based in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area's Silicon Valley, where I work with adults fiercely committed to self-inquiry and soul growth. 

As a transpersonal psychotherapist, I weave a variety of approaches into my way of working -- from the body-centered mindfulness-oriented practice of Hakomi to dream work to art therapy.

I define art therapy simply as the use of art materials to externalize one’s inner world for the purpose self-inquiry, transformation, and integration. We have the opportunity to bring concrete structure and form to what were previously unseen feelings and emotions. I don’t know more than you do about the art you create; however, as an art therapist, I am trained to help midwife meaning and insights through your own art, directly accessing and honoring your inner wisdom. The adult intellect can be adept at keeping old patterns intact (even ones that keep us stuck) when communicating only verbally in therapy. Art bypasses verbal defenses and limitations, allowing the ah-ha moments to come to you sooner and in a non-threatening way. By working with art materials alongside an art therapist, reflecting upon the process and product, clients can increase self-awareness, cope with symptoms, and enjoy the life-affirming delight of creation. If you want to learn more about what happens in an art therapy session, click here.

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